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Our mission

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Company Profile

Build an unprecedented creative worldview in the coming era,where the boundary between real and virtual is gradually fading.

For people to connect in the metaverse space and enjoy new adventures and communications.

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Technology Leadership

MetaTech leverages a team of cutting-edge XR technology experts to pursue the latest trends and innovations.

Creative Worldview

We provide users with spatial experiences that bridge the gap between the real and virtual world, and bring out new possibilities.

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Fostering Communication And Connection

Along with creating, we develop tools and functions to support personal expression and self-realization.

User-centered design

MetaTech pursues design that emphasizes user needs and experience, emphasizing ease of use and comfort in UI and UX design.

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Creative Ideas
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IP Content
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Global Network

MetaTech competes with world class Technology,Creative Ideas,IP Content,Global Network to create a futuristic metaverse and transform people’s lives.